Ilford ID-11 Extra Fine

Not too long ago I found an old cookbook of developers.  I’ve amassed a small repository of chemicals working with it with some interesting results.

The Ilford ID-11 has become one of my 3 main developers, alongside Rodinal and Caffenol.  ID-11 is nearly identical to Kodak D76, but seems to me to be a finer grain developer; although that may possibly be because I’m mixing it fresh and not buying it in a pouch which is of an unknown age.

That being said, the cookbook also had a short paragraph on adding Ammonium Chloride to the ID-11 to make an Extra fine grain developer.  It also recommended doubling exposure and the development times.  In my first test, my negatives came out a bit too dark, so I need to cut down some time between the two.

But extra fine grain?  Absolutely!




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