Photo Svema

Lately I’ve been working with a lot of Svema films that I ordered from The Film Photography Project Store.  The biggest problem I have had is the lack of development times for the developers I use.  I’ve been using my homemade versions of ID-11 and PaRodinal for these film, which includes some educated guessing based on development times published for other developers, and my own experience with my developers.  I seem to be hitting it pretty close to home.

The featured image above, and the image below, is Svema MZ-3 (ISO 3) developed in ID-11 for 9minutes 25 seconds at 20C.



The following two images are from Svema Blue Sensitive (ISO 6) developed in PaRodinal for I believe 8 minutes at 20C.



I really like these films.  The MZ-3 has a dreamy quality to it that I think would work great with portraits and street photography.

The Blue Sensitive film has an immense amount of available detail, and is quite contrasty.  It’s a film I think would work great with stand developing and with caffenol.

More testing to come.


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