What I shoot…

I get asked now and again why I use the cameras that I do.  Because I like them?  Well, that’s a true statement, it’s not the only or main reason.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I shoot primarily with Pentax cameras, although that’s not all I’ve used over the years.  For many years I shot Canon, then on to Nikon.  For a while my main camera was a Voigtlander Bessa L with a 15mm f/4 color skopar (I’ll probably buy another one of those soon).

I believe it was 2007 when I joined Pentax.  Digital had reached 10 Mp and I felt it had reached a point that it was nearly as good, or as good as film for most uses.  So I set out to do my research to find the camera that would fit my needs the best.

At the time, budget was a big concern as I was raising three children on my own.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t remember what cameras were on the market at the time, or which ones I actually handled.  But, for the money, no one could match the Pentax K10D with it’s very robust and weather sealed body.


But I had another quirk, to me a necessity, which a lot of consumers do not have.  I wanted to shoot film alongside my digital, and swap lenses back and forth.  Here is where Pentax really shines.  I can take a screw mount Takamur 55 1.8 from my 1950s era Spotmatic and put it on my brand new K-1.  And yes, I do that now and again.

Since I purchased the K10 D, a lot has changed.  I’m not sure how many camera bodies I have at this time, but they all get some use.  My most used film cameras are the LX, MZ-6 and *ist.  The last one is the last film camera Pentax made.  I feel Pentax has always put a little more effort into their cameras and lenses.


With the K-1 being my most recent addition, I can say I am more than happy with the set up I have.  It is a great camera with image quality that’s hard to rival.  I would venture to say it’s a camera designed by people that use cameras.  It’s just too bad it can’t shoot film also…


On that note, I’ve had some exciting things happening in the film realm.  I’ve successfully mixed my first batch of home brew Rodinal.  Rodinal was always my favorite developer, but when Agfa closed the plant, it became hard to get.  Adox makes R09, which they claim was created by the same scientists that worked in the Agfa plant, and it’s suppose to be the same formula.  I’m still working with it, and while it’s close, I’m not certain.  But when you see what I’ve come up with, I think you’ll be surprised also.


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