Bergger Pancro 400 First Impression

After much consideration, I finally purchased a few rolls of the new Bergger Pancro 400.  I’ve only shot the first roll, so this is an early first impression.

Berrger Pancro 400 is one of a handful of new films from 2017, and a completely new emulsion from the French company.  It’s always refreshing to see some resurgence in the world of film.


The best way to check out film is to load a roll and have a go with it.  So I loaded my trusty Pentax MZ-6 and attached the DA*200 f/2.8.  It’s a great combination, nicely balanced and second nature to use, especially when I have the battery grip attached to the camera.

For a couple of days I carried the camera to work and out for a walk or two, looking for shots that would tax the latitude of the film.  And I found them, from mid-day sun to dark of night, the fast 400 speed film handled every situation much better than I expected.


The film has enough contrast that I didn’t feel the need to push the contrast up in post processing.  I also like the film for shadow detail, though at times it is at the expense of blowing highlights.

I process my own film and did this one with Adox R09, what they claim to be the replacement of Rodinal, which was always my favorite developer.  I noticed immediately the film base is thick, much like older films.  I’ll point out also that Bergger states this film needs a longer fix time than normal with a non-hardening fixer.  This I can attest to.  I fixed the film initially at 6 minutes, the recommended time, but ended up fixing an additional 4 minutes.  Something to consider.

You can check out the company website here.  One final thought; it is a very affordable film.  I’ll have to shoot a few more rolls, but I may have found my replacement for the original Agfa APX films.



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