The Wedding

So…  You want to shoot your first wedding, DON’T DO IT!

I’m just kidding.  You’ll never know what it’s like unless you actually do one.  But let’s be realistic;  Shooting a wedding is a LOT of work.  It starts with preparation, hours and hours of preparation, followed by the wedding day.  The day of the event is an entire day of shooting, and trust me when I say, something will go wrong with your equipment.  Finally you get to edit all those photos.  And there will be a lot of them to go through.

I find shooting a wedding can be fun, but I also understand how much work goes into it.  I’ve done quite a few over the years.  I stopped doing them a few years ago, but I was recently talked into doing, not one, but two.  With the first of the two nearly behind me, (I’m working on getting the editing finished) I’m making plans to prepare for the second one, which is two months away.

Peterson 4

The best advise I can give is to know your venue and your equipment.  The wedding I just did, didn’t work quite that way.  While I know my equipment front and back, I didn’t get to see the venue until the morning of the wedding.  Let’s just say circumstances were out of our control.

The second bit of advise would be to take some time to talk to your customer.  Nothing matters if you can’t make them happy.  They will have pictures they want of certain people and/or places.  Do everything you can to get these shots.

Peterson 2

Finally, the question I get asked the most is about equipment.  My wedding kit consists of 5 lenses and 3 bodies.  Three of those lenses get heavy use, one is a specialty (fisheye) and the other is when I know I can’t get close enough for the shots I want (a telephoto, either 200 or 300mm).  I also have a Gary Fong® light sphere for a flash diffuser.   With my equipment, which happens to be Pentax, I have found I get great, and consistent results with the benefit of being mobile.  Mobility is very important since people do not sit still very long at a wedding.

Good Luck and enjoy,



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