I realize there are quite possibly a million blogs about photography out there.  And not that I want to be completely different, I wanted this to be about me and my journey with a camera.  So, what is it that I enjoy about photography?  It’s a question I’ve asked my self over the past couple of weeks as my blog sat dormant.

While I considered which road I was going to take, I did what came natural;  I jumped in and started from the beginning.  I grabbed a few rolls of film and started shooting with every camera in my cabinet that I could make work.  From an old 1950s Agfa Silette to the Pentax LX and even an Asahi Spotmatic (I probably own 15 film cameras).  Two of those cameras didn’t have working meters, so I pulled out an old hand held light meter I had picked up second hand years ago, most likely from ebay.

Then I started developing my film at the kitchen sink (we have two kitchens so my wife didn’t kill me).  I developed black and white and color film.  And I have had a blast.

Now I’ll back up a bit.  In the early 90s I started developing my own film, only black and white though.  I shot film exclusively until 2008 or 2009, when I bought a great digital camera and started to shoot both.  I have a high quality 35mm film scanner, because I was reluctant to join the digital movement early on.  Of course, the world moves on whether you want it to or not.

This year was the first time I attempted to develop color film at home.  I am very pleased with the results, and will continue to do it.

There currently is a resurgence in the film industry.  While we lost several film companies and or emulsions, including my favorite, Agfa, (the current Agfa film is not the same as the original) we have recently seen some new companies with new film emulsions, such as Bergger and Lomography.

With all this, I have decided to redirect my blog to the ways of film photography.  There are many parallels to digital, the way the camera works is still the same as is the final output, a photographic media.  It’s just the process between A and B that will vary somewhat.


I hope you will enjoy the journey with me,


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