The Wedding

So…  You want to shoot your first wedding, DON’T DO IT! I’m just kidding.  You’ll never know what it’s like unless you actually do one.  But let’s be realistic;  Shooting a wedding is a LOT of work.  It starts with preparation, hours and hours of preparation, followed by the wedding day.  The day of the […]

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Caffenol-C – Home film developing

In 1995, Dr. Scott Williams, along with his RIT class, developed (pun intended) a method of developing traditional black and white film with common household items.  Eventually this came to be known as Caffenol. Over the past month or two I have been experimenting with the process, which has three ingredients; Instant coffee, Vitamin C […]

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I realize there are quite possibly a million blogs about photography out there.  And not that I want to be completely different, I wanted this to be about me and my journey with a camera.  So, what is it that I enjoy about photography?  It’s a question I’ve asked my self over the past couple […]

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