Today I received a lens I had purchased.  It was a used lens which I had found on a photography forum and I had it shipped to me from Canada.  It was a bit of a surprise as I hadn’t expected it for another two days.  This lens is the Pentax DA* 200 f/2.8 a very nice professional grade lens.  Optically this lens is stunning.

I purchased this lens as it appears I may have been talked into shooting a couple of weddings coming up.  I had “retired” from doing weddings and haven’t shot one in four or five years.

Nevertheless, my recent equipment purchases got me thinking; I stopped counting the number of lenses I own a long time ago.  In fact, I have several put aside that I need to sell since I will very likely never use them again.  I’m also not sure how many camera bodies I currently have, beyond the five digital and probably double or triple that in film bodies.

Personally I like using and experimenting with different equipment.  I have lenses dating to the 50s that I use on my digital cameras, and yes, I also have the film cameras for them.  But all this great equipment doesn’t help me take better pictures.  On the contrary I sometimes believe the exact opposite.  The first “full” kit I put together consisted of a Canon AE1, a Tokina 28-75, Canon 50 f/1/8, and a Canon 135 f/3.5.  Eventually I added another camera and a couple of lenses.  The truth is, having a small kit such as this, I was able to get “intimate” with the equipment I had.  I knew exactly what scenarios each lens would excel, or fail in.

There are times I will take one lens and use only it for an entire week.  It’s an exercise in seeing as the camera does and brings me closer to the equipment I currently own.  Sometimes I believe we get too hung up on how many or much or what name is imprinted on the equipment we own.  Photography is a discipline in art, an expression of what we see and, at times, how we feel.

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