Hurricane Irma

As hurricane Irma bears down on Florida, I’d like to share a few thoughts with everyone.  First, many of us cannot evacuate.  Although I live in the Panhandle, at this time we are not certain it won’t come this way.  I work for the Sheriff’s Office, and thus I cannot leave.  At this time highways are packed with evacuees from South Florida,  please be patient, it will only move so fast.

I’ve been through many hurricanes here, some were pretty bad leaving destruction everywhere.  A little respect for our fellow man goes a long way.  Help out where you can but be respectful of emergency personal.

I wish everyone the best.

Oops 5th(2)


This photo is from the last storm we endured.  The man who was driving the truck was ultimately arrested, and not for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Emergency personal were attempting to retrieve his belongings from the truck, but they weren’t fast enough for him.  Three times he was told not to climb down to the truck.  He did it anyhow and was arrested for not complying.  The orders were given for his own safety due to the bridge structure that was left not being stable.

Stay safe…


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